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Topaz Texture Effects 2.0 Tutorial 

Topaz Texture

Topaz Texture  streamlines the work process for making layered surface pictures in a small amount of the time it takes in Photoshop. With many expertly created impacts and a broad library of surfaces, outskirts, and all the more straightforwardly readily available, there’s no all the more scouring the web for a look that rouses you.

A portion Of The Many Features:

 More than 400 Customizable Effects. Browse a variety of expertly made impacts inside these seven accumulations: Earthy, Ethereal, Gritty Grunge, Lo-Fi, Pop Grunge, Soft Grunge and Vintage.

 More than 325 High-Res Assets. Surface Effects incorporates an expansive library of surfaces, fringes, light breaks and more for you to right away review on your picture.

Topaz Community Effect Sharing. Peruse a constantly developing library of client made impacts. Effectively download impacts to apply them to your picture and rapidly share your own roused impacts.

Fills in as Standalone, Plugin and External Editor. Topaz Texture Effects does not require a host manager and can work unsupported. It is likewise conceivable to utilize it as a module in Photoshop and outer supervisor in Lightroom.

Surface Manager. Effectively include new Texture classes, import your own particular or obtained surfaces and in a split second observe them in your Texture change board.

UI Design. With Texture Effects we have kept on building up a more proficient interface to enhance convenience and work process, permitting clients to include, erase and re-arrange changes in accordance with make custom and streamlined impacts.

There are four principle regions to Texture Effects: the review window, the impacts board, the conformities/sliders and the impacts program.

Incorporates access to the Topaz Community. Surf a sea of hand-made, client made impacts and download to apply the impacts that address you. Impart your own propelled impacts to one basic snap.

D I F U S I O N:

Dissemination reproduces attributes like those seen with customary

dispersion channels, which mollify and spread out light. Dispersion

channels can likewise make a cloudy or dream-like impact.


Controls how much the light is diffused

in the picture. This can give the picture a decent internal gleam.


Conforms the delicate quality of the picture. Expanding this parameter will

make the picture seem to have a gentler core interest.


Decides the measure of obscure connected to the picture. The higher

the esteem the heavier the obscure.


Controls the straightforwardness of the changes.

Fall Fairytale Effect Fall Fairytale Effect + Diffusion

Quality: .68; Softness: .41

Obscure: .50; Opacity: 1.00


Add obscure to the edges of your picture. To change the concentration region

of your picture, tap on the Blur Shape symbol to enact the Blur

Shape apparatus. You can resize, turn, and drag the obscure shape utilizing

onscreen control. Tap the symbol again to kill the apparatus.


Decides the measure of obscure connected to the edges of your

picture. The higher the esteem the heavier the obscure.


Decides the hardness of the move between

the obscured region and the engaged range. The higher the esteem the

gentler the move will be.


Controls the straightforwardness of the alterations.

F I L M G R An I N

Add reenacted film grain to your picture.


Alters the extent of grain connected. Bring down qualities will create better

grain and higher qualities will have bigger, more noticeable grain.


Controls the difference and partition of the grain.


Will arbitrarily move the grain for an altered impact.


Controls the straightforwardness of the alterations.


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Isolates picture tone into areas of less tones, with sudden

changes starting with one tone then onto the next.


This esteem decides what number of tones are incorporated. An estimation of

2 will have just 2 tones and have no profundity. An estimation of 8

will have 8 tones and seem to have more profundity.

Points of interest

Higher qualities will expand the measure of detail in your

posterized picture.


Controls the straightforwardness of the modification.


Conditioning control with alternative of two shades, one in view of the

shadow tones of the picture and the other on the highlights.

Highlight Saturation

Controls the quality of the highlight tone.

Highlight Hue

Select the shade of the highlight tone.

Shadow Saturation

Controls the quality of the shadow tone.

Shadow Hue

Select the shade of the shadow tone.


Controls the adjust of the shades and where on the tonal scale

they are mixed. Positive qualities increment the measure of shadow

tint. Negative qualities increment the measure of highlight tone.


  • Controls the straightforwardness of the conformities.
  • Pixie Light I Effect Fairy Light I Effect + Split Tone
  • Highlight Saturation: .68, Hue: .07
  • Shadow Saturation: .36, Hue: .76
  • Adjust: .50; Opacity: .55

Light Leak picture.

  • Pivot
  • Pivot your surface.
  • Keep Aspect Ratio
  • Controls whether the angle
  • proportion of the Light Leak picture
  • is kept or not. Pick No
  • (default) to make the Light
  • Spill picture coordinate the size/
  • proportion of the info picture.
  • Pick Yes to keep the Light
  • Spill picture unique viewpoint

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