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Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender can run your framework in a virtual domain called ‘Shadow Mode’. ‘Shadow Mode’ diverts every framework change to a virtual situation with no change to your genuine surroundings. On the off chance that you encounter vindictive action or potentially undesirable changes, play out a reboot to reestablish your framework back to its unique state, as though nothing happened.

With Shadow Defender, you have the adaptability to indicate which documents and organizers are for all time spared to the genuine environment. This guarantees critical records and envelopes are kept after a reboot.

Attempt Shadow Defender for the best and simple to-utilize security arrangement.

Shadow Defender Crack is the best easy to-use PC/versatile PC security and security protection gadget for Windows working structures. It passes on an uncommon way to deal with continue bothering or noxious changes from being made to your PC/convenient PC. Through Shadow Defender you can run the structure in a virtual area, called Shadow Mode. Furthermore, every one of the ambushes will happen in the virtual environment, not in the authentic environment. In the occasion that ambushes happened, you ought to just to reboot your system. After reboot, your structure will be restored to the main state, as if nothing happened. Besides, the interim, you can save any allocated records and coordinators to the bona fide environment.

Shadow Defender Serial Key security thought is definitely not hard to understand. For the item to do its occupation viably you have to put the plates brought on your PC into Shadow Mode. Through doing this, the application will take a delineation of the circle and run every archive in virtual mode. You will have a comparative access to the reports on the circle however any form action will be virtual. This suggests paying little respect to what number of worms and spyware you corrupt your PC with, they won’t impact the authentic structure at all by virtue of the virtualization. When you snap out of this “parallel estimation” every change to the system and the records on the plate will be discarded.


  • Keep all infections and malwares.
  • Surf the web securely and dispose of undesirable follows.
  • Ensure your protection.
  • Dispose of framework downtime and upkeep costs.
  • Reboot to reestablish your framework back to its unique state.
  • Keep up a framework free from malignant exercises and undesirable changes.
  • Test programming and diversion establishments in a protected situation.
  • Secure against undesirable changes by shared clients (appropriate for working environments and instructive establishments).


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Shadow Defender’s security idea is anything but difficult to get a handle on. For the product to carry out its employment appropriately you need to put the circles introduced on your PC into Shadow Mode. By doing this, the application will take a preview of the circle and run each record in virtual mode. You will have a similar access to the records on the circle yet any compose activity will be virtual. This implies regardless of what number of worms and spywares you contaminate your PC with, they won’t influence the genuine framework at all due to the virtualization. When you snap out of this “parallel measurement” each change to the framework and the documents on the plate will be disposed of.

Shadow Defender is an exhaustive and dependable programming arrangement intended to shield your PC from malware, infections and an assortment of different dangers that can impact and change your framework’s settings and substance.

Generally, the utility is genuinely easy to get it. It makes a clone of your unique PC, utilizing all or only one client characterized framework drives when entering what is called ‘Shadow Mode’, like a virtual situation. Thusly, any changes, assaults or settings were connected in ‘Shadow Mode’, will be in a flash disposed of when turning it off.

What’s New:

  • New: Track 0 virtualization.
  • New: Hidden boot volume will be shadowed consequently when framework volume is shadowed.
  • Settled: Some minor bugs.
  • bolster removable media
  • some GUI changes
  • bolster submitting all progressions when leave Shadow Mode
  • select individual volume(s) to enter/leave Shadow Mode
  • erase diskpt0.sys naturally when leave Shadow Mode
  • “There Is No Disk in the Drive…” mistake message when you begin your PC at times.
  • a bug when enter shadow mode instantly in the wake of introducing virtual products.
  • strife with Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120%, SPTD.
  • some minor bugs

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