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L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14 Portable 

L0phtCrack Password Auditor

L0phtCrack Password Auditor is pressed with capable components, for example, planning, hash extraction from 64 bit Windows variants, multiprocessor calculations, and systems checking and interpreting. However it is still the least demanding to utilize secret key evaluating and recuperation programming accessible. L0phtCrack 6 gives a scoring metric to rapidly evaluate secret word quality. Passwords are measured against current industry best practices, and are appraised as Strong, Medium, Weak, or Fail. Pre-registered secret key documents is an absolute necessity have highlight in watchword reviewing. L0phtCrack 6 underpins pre-figured secret key hashes. Secret word reviews now take minutes rather than hours or days. L0phtCrack 6 imports and splits Unix watchword documents. Perform organize reviews from a solitary interface.

L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14 (x64) Portable

L0phtCrack is packed with powerful features such as scheduling, hash extraction from 64 bit Windows versions, multiprocessor algorithms, and networks monitoring and decoding. Yet it is still the easiest to use password auditing and recovery software available. L0phtCrack provides a scoring metric to quickly assess password quality. Passwords are measured against current industry best practices, and are rated as Strong, Medium, Weak, or Fail. Pre-computed password files is a must have feature in password auditing. L0phtCrack supports pre-computed password hashes. Password audits now take minutes instead of hours or days. L0phtCrack imports and cracks Unix password files. Perform network audits from a single interface.

L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14 Key Features:

Simple to modify

Custom word records, character sets, and lengths are anything but difficult to set. Break the system you need and spare the settings for some other time.


L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14 License Key settle powerless passwords through constraining secret word resets or bolting out records.

Ultrafast Cracking

Multi-center and multi-GPU bolster takes ideal preferred standpoint of your equipment. Auto-alignment evacuates the mystery.

Straightforward Password Loading

Wherever your watchword hashes are: nearby, remote, AD, or in a document. It’s easy to load them for examining with our wizard.

Capable planning

L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14 Crack give plan advanced errands to mechanized endeavor wide secret word reviews.

Review numerous OSes

Windows in addition to first rate Linux, BSD, and AIX bolster. Extensible hash sorts and shippers through modules.

Programming World:

About L0phtCrack Password Auditor

  • L0phtCrack is the honor winning secret word review and recuperation device for Windows and Unix passwords.
  • Security specialists from industry, government, and the scholarly world concur that powerless passwords speak to one of the ten most basic Internet security dangers, and are accepting more consideration as a wellspring of helplessness, both on customer desktop PCs and in systems. L0phtCrack recognizes and surveys secret word defenselessness over neighborhood machines and systems in a streamlined application, with implicit reports and remediation instruments.
  • This new form has an all new splitting motor which takes ideal favorable position of multi-center CPUs and multi-center GPUs.
  • A 4-center CPU running a savage drive review with L0phtCrack 7 is presently 5 times quicker than L0phtCrack 6.
  • In the event that you have a GPU, for example, the AMD Radeon Pro Duo the speedup is a shocking 500 circumstances.

L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14 Crack

  • The secret key breaking that is free think about the courses in which clients pick passwords in the light of business watchword strategies, for example, requiring the utilization of figures and images. Many don’t understand Patri0ts! How a secret word is as simple to figure as Patriots have been before.
  • L0phtCrack 7 empowers you to speed up the update or movement of clients starting with one validation framework then onto the next, registering every one of clients’ passwords. L0phtCrack 7 can likewise be a reviewing this is absolutely brilliant that managers can use to identify poor passwords.
  • What precisely is New in L0phtCrack Password Auditor 7.0.14?


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L0phtCrack 7 incorporates improvements and increments to the widely praised L0phtCrack Auditor:

All motors breaking that is fresh out of the box new

Breaking engine L0phtCrack 7 has been totally supplanted with a motor of cutting edge splits, John the Ripper. Execution is altogether much better for word reference reviews and constrain audits that are savage.

GPU Support:

Utilizing the GPU registering abilities in representation cards is a propel that is critical the business of audit secret key. GPUs are speedier than conventional CPUs for certain secret word reviewing capacities. Secret word reviews now take hours instead of times. L0phtCrack can help various GPU cards for amazingly code reviewing that is quick. An adjustment that is new chooses the quickest splitting calculation for the gadget’s Central Processing Unit and GPU.

Improved Unix Password Support:

L0phtCrack 7 imports and breaks UNIX secret word documents for Linux, Solaris, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and AIX frameworks. Run Windows and UNIX watchword reviews from an interface that is single.

Remote Windows Improvements Import secret key:

Remote import secret key Agent Windows L0phtCrack 7 can now work with SMB you as of now remotely deal with a machine, so you don’t need to open any additional ports or roll out improvements to your direction setup.

Review Scheduler Improvements program:

Framework managers can set up audits that are normal some time recently.

Module bolster:

L0phtCrack 7 is presently extensible through an interface that is the module.

GUI Updated:

The UI is overhauled and moved forward. An enhanced new wizard makes general review occupations simple for individuals for the time that is first. The status that is present an examination will perform is particular and responsive.

Framework Requirements:

  • PC with sensible speed
  • 300 MB circle space
  • 1024 x 768 show
  • No uncommon necessities

Step by step instructions to Install/Activate:

  • Click here to Download File.
  • Separate the document victor
  • run setup.exe
  • Duplicate .dll Crack set up program and supplant the first document envelope
  • Done

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